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Our Company

Coastal Outdoor offers a full range of Out of Home services - including Sales, Account Services, Location Analysis, Operations and Maintenance or Site Development. We employ a nationally recognized Sales Team that is able to tailor your advertising campaign and meet your target audience effectively. Coastal utilizes the right advertising medium for maximum exposure of your product or service. Custom tailored advertising campaigns are the cornerstone of Coastal's ability to share your message to the right audience and maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

Our Mission

Coastal's mission is to provide our customers with individual assistance and professional collaboration to successfully develop an innovative and creative campaign while using the latest trends in out-of-home technologies. Coastal blends a strong network of seasoned and experienced professionals together to achieve your marketing goals and strategies. We guarantee superior customer service that will exceed your highest expectations.

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About Frank J. Nataro

After graduating college with a Business Degree and a stint in the Military, Frank's first job was with an Outdoor Advertising company named Foster & Kleiser Advertising, as a lease representative in the New York Market. Frank enjoyed the drive and hype of the Outdoor Advertising industry and decided to start his own Outdoor Advertising company. During Frank's career, he has since successfully consummated and sold over 60 separate billboard companies. Company asset purchase footprint was and remains the East Coast. Frank is currently the owner of Coastal Outdoor Advertising Group, LLC, Coastal Outdoor Media, Inc and Skyline Media Group, Inc. serving the Tri-State market area.